lunedì 12 agosto 2013

Nail polish "i miss you" inspired

Hi beautiful girls >.< In this period i'm watching the korean drama "I miss you " that's how i took inspiration for my new nailpolish*.* i'm so proud of it and it's really easy to be realised... even if with my nails i could not make the same shape because my nails are really fragile ( yeah ..i hope that you don't have my same problem -.-") the effect was great  ...
it just need three steps :
1) apply base colour
2) draw a coloured ( i chose coral red but you can chose your favourite color) line at the end of your nails following the shape that you like ( you can use a fine brush if you are more confortable )
3) apply top coat.

I think it's a really cute and fresh nails style perfect for summer :3

Do you like it ? Let me know in the comment box or text me on fb 
If you do it with love the result will be even greater <3

with love <3

2 commenti:

  1. Beautiful...mi piacciono tantissimo, ma sopra hai usato un rosa?? O un semplice trasparente?? Me le voglio fare anch'ioo <3 baciiii

    1. le ho fatte in entrambi i modi ( anche se quelle del post hanno base trasparente come nel drama ) e devo dire che mi piacciono entrambi :3 ovviamente col trasparente sono più semplici ed eleganti ...col rosa un pò più kawai ( se vai a vedere la review della bb cream hot pink si vedono nella foto ) *w*
      bacini <3