mercoledì 31 luglio 2013


Korean make up... i just love it <3 What your favourite make up is? tell me in the comment box below ;-)I'm thinking about making a post about Korean make up...let me know what You think about it :3 with love <3

giovedì 25 luglio 2013

black & white bear nails

Hi everybody ,today i'm gonna show you my black & white bear nails. I choose to do it in black & white cause this summer it's been really a "must have" in italy, but if you want you can always do it with any others contrasting colours! I hope you would like it too let's start ;-) 
All you'll need is:
black and white polishes and one...hairpin ahaha yeah you got it right >.< i don't like spend extra money in "special tools" if i can use something more cheap ;-)
1° step :apply base color

2°: apply black&white polishes creating a "chess effect" (i think it's already pretty cool like this >.< ) 

3° step: draw your bear , start doing a semicircle for the face

4° step: now using your hairpin, draw five polka dots of different size for ears ,eyes and nose...

5° last step : apply top coat and ...

You can have a super cute and sweet manicure in just few mins ^.^ 
never forget to be kawai :3 

mercoledì 24 luglio 2013

shopping day:3

HI girls! I just change my tonic *.*and i can't wait for try it! Don't forget that a good daily skin care it's the golden rule for a perfect skin (of course i will let You know about mine if You want:3)... and if You can choose product without parabens <3 love your skin<3

domenica 21 luglio 2013


Hi guys, today i wanna talk to you about a dream that i had since long time :PINK HAIR .Crazy right >.<?!?  Well I usually get bored of my hair pretty quickly but on the other hand  if i dye my hair they will not be healty anymore so i always restrained myself in order to have healty and long hair . But now here we are , i finally found a way to change whatever colour i want without damnage my hair and this is possible thanks to a kind of "MAKE UP FOR HAIR"that i want show you today. The "make up" that i used is : "COLOR.BUG Kevin Murphy" but i'm pretty sure that there will be a lot of different brands that you can use as well.

It totally looks like a normal face blush and what you need to do it's just rub onto your completely dried hair using the colour pad and massage into your hair where you want the colour to show ,fix it with hair spray and ...IT'S DONE !

 In few mins you'll be able to change your hair color and wash it as quick as your make up ! Just one bad point : the darker your hair colour is ,the less vibrant the colour will be :-( but i hope that this wont stop you ^.^ Having pink hair it's so fun , but you can also try all the others colors and i'd love to know what your favourite hair color is so tell me in the comment box below <3 If you have any other questions feel free to text me on FB .I hope that this tutorial will be usefull to you <3 and never forget to be kawai :3 with love Mary <3

venerdì 19 luglio 2013

Never forget to be Kawai

Hi , nice to meet you all! I would like to introduce myself in the first post of my life ^.^ I'm an italian girl living in Milan so i'm pratically grow up breathing "fashion" .Since when i was in high school i started developing a passion for asia and thank to that i ve been creating my own style between Italiy, korea, Japan and China...yeah i like take the best from everything>.< Usually my friends take inspiration from my outfit and i'm very good in giving tips about it that's how the "blog idea " born in my mind ...I thought that it will be a good opportunities for share my passions ,meet new friends and like always, learn something new . I hope that you will support and follow me :3 and i'll like to end this first post sharing with you my "motto "  : "never forget to be kawai !" this is my way of live and i hope you will like it <3 with love Mary