mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Pink moon's princess : makeup tutorial !

Once upon a time, on a planet called Moon--a long time before mankind--there were two beautiful princesses.
The Light princess Misa and the darkness's princess Tiffany...even though they were the only two living creature on that star, they spent decades fighting each other in order to make a side prevail over the other that at the time the moon was divided in two parts; the shiny and white of princess Misa, and the other half dark under the princess Tiffany ... 

When one day like another the two princesses noticed that there was another unknown part on the moon that they never noticed before ...a very little pink slice. linked as never before under the same fear, the two princesses decided to go through the unknown together ...

Once inside the pink side even if it was different it still make them feel warm and safe and not scary anymore...when suddently they saw another person for the first time ...another princess...the pink princess Mary-chan ...even if that was their first meeting, that person seemed so familiar to them that without even realising it they bound a strong friendship as if it was an endless dream ... 

After leaving the pink slice, and the pink princess Mary-chan, both misa and Tiffany were so close that they could not understand how could the fight in past, so they started working together for their beloved planet and the moon became more beautiful every day from then on :3...The darkness joined with the light ,and together they created a cratered planet full of beautiful and charming game of lights and shadows.

After  finished the first thought was to show off their work to their new friend the pink princess when ...the pink moon and its princess disappeared! 

Just then the princesses realised that the pink princess was the incarnation of the moon's soul and that she loved them so much that could not stand to see them fight anymore ... 

That is how the moon was born,  the most shiny and beautiful star capable of bringing light even during the darkest nights but... what about the 3 princesses? were they unable to meet again forever ? ...they loved each other so much that couldnt stay apart forever, that's why one day every year on exactly the day when tha moon is closest with the earth the pink princess comes back for spend just one day with her beloved princesses and during that night the people are used to say that the moon is pink because the 3 princesses are playing together and want show us clearly how happy they are <3

Hi girls <3 this post is really special for me because it's my first collaboration with two blogger that i do admire first for the beautiful person that they are and second for the amazing blogger that they are <3 Misa & Tiffany first of all thank you so much this was for sure one of the most beautiful moment since when i've a blog <3
Sweet part apart  XD We did a make up tutorial for the next new moon year so ...well we became lunar princesses for you guys XD I really hope that you will enjoy this tutorial as much as we did ^-^ Again thank to all of you for following me in this experience 
well let's start with the tutorial XD I realised my makeup tutorial for the princess of the pink moon 

first of all i applied moisture cream on my face and a bb for the base but this time since when i really want a shiny & dewy look i haven't used any powder 

1° step  ❤ apply a base eyeshadow very shimmering 

2° step   draw eyebrows with eyebrows pencil and draw eyeliner on the upper & lower lash line like to create a "v" shape

3° step   ❤  Put on fake eyelashes on upper and lower line and in the inner corner of your eyes apply rhinestones and use it also for create a moon shape under one of your eyes 

4° step ❤  Contour your face using bronzer or a darker foundation ( like i do for a more natural effect )  to give to your face a "v" shape and apply blush just on the apple of your cheek for create a baby and innocent look.

5° step ❤  apply a baby pink eyeshadow and mascara and ...

well the last and the most important step ...ENJOY YOUR LUNAR PRINCESS MAKE UP XD

well girls this tutoria it's finally finished ...
You will enjoy more the story if you also take a look to my princesses friends makeup tutorial ;-) here the links  
  Misa the light princess make up tutorial
 Tiffany the dark princess make up tutorial

and you? which character do you prefer ? which make up you like the most or you would like to try ? let me know in the comment box below ^-^  & don't forget that all the girls are princesses 
with love Mary-chan

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer vs. my "panda dark circle" XD

Hi girls ^.^ finally i'm back ...after being missing for so long first of all because i've been not so well for a period ...any case it's time to back at work and expecially since when i've been missing for a while i will work double for catch up  ;-) 

Btw today I am back with a review on Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer *.* I'm really start thinking that i'm an "Etude girl " -.-" everytime that i do some shopping i always buy some etude products :3 at least for makeup i totally love their super cute and girlish packaging :3
Any case going back to the reviewing XD this concealer impressed me at the first sight for his unique brush *.* and of course for the soft pink color all around that it's never enough  >.<

rights to google

The stronger pro of this concelar it's exactly his dot applicator because  let's you put concealer on tiny parts much more precisely expecially under my eyes or on the top on my nose and it is really easy to apply both with fingers or with a brush, the color light beige it's also very good and blend well with my skin and also with any bb cream that i've used with it  ...BUT :-( I'm so sad to say that this doesn't works so well on me....why ? the main problem is the texure ...he has the same consistency of my BB cream -.-" and as well more or less the same coverage which is not enough for cover my "panda dark circle" so it will be even more useless for bigger problems as acne or spots etc 

It is still good for a daily use especially if you want a very natural coverage or even better if you are lucky enough to have a fairy skin but at least for me in order to get a perfect skin coverage this concealer alone it's not enough but must be used with bb cream ( sometimes even foundation)  and powder to for ensure his lasting and better coverage 

 color: light beige

Overall i can still give to this concealer a 3/5 but honestly i don't think that i will repurchase it :-(

so ... Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer vs. my  "panda dark circle" ? the result is .... 0-1 XD panda wins!(。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤

 What's your fav concealer is ? let me know in the comment box below ;) 
With love Mary-chan


Ciao ragazze ^.^ . Finalmente sono tornata ... dopo essere mancata per così tanto tempo perchè purtroppo sono stata poco bene:-(  ... comunque è il momento di tornare al lavoro e dal momento che sono mancata per un pò vedrò di recuperare ;-)

Oggi sono tornata con una recensione su Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer  *.* inizio davvero a pensare di essere una "Etude girl " XD ogni volta che faccio acquisti non riesco a non comprare qualcosa di questo marchio dalle confezioni così romantiche:3
Comunque tornando alla review XD questo correttore mi ha colpito a prima vista per il suo applicatore unico *.* E, naturalmente, per il colore rosa tenue tutto intorno che non è mai abbastanza > . <
Il pro più forte di questo correttore è sicuramente il suo applicatore a pallina in punta , perché consente di mettere correttore in piccola quantità soprattutto sulle occhiaie o sulla parte superiore del naso ed è veramente facile da applicare sia con le dita che con un pennello , il colore beige chiaro è anche molto bello e si sposa bene sia con la mia pelle che con qualsiasi BB col quale l'ho usato ... MA :-( purtroppo su di me non funziona ... perché ?!? Il problema principale è la texure ... che ha la stessa consistenza di una BB -.- "e così più o meno la stessa copertura che non è sufficiente per coprire le mie "panda occhiaie " XD e ovviamente se già non copre quelle sarà ancora più inutile per problemi più gravi come acne, cicatrici , macchie ecc 

Sicuramente non è male per un uso quotidiano , soprattutto se si desidera una copertura molto naturale o ancora meglio se si è tanto fortunati da avere una pelle senza grossi problemi:3 ma, almeno per me , per ottenere una copertura perfetta questo correttore da solo non basta, ma deve essere utilizzato con una BB (a volte anche il fondotinta) e cipria per garantirne la durata!
Tutto sommato mi sento comunque di dargli un 3/5 per i lati positivi prima elencati come il pennello , la facile stesura , il colore ma onestamente non credo che lo riacquisterei :-( 

E voi che correttore usate ? Fatemi sapere nei commenti ;-) 
BACINI (。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤

giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

Let's share presents & giveaway's winner

Hi lovely how have you been ? Holidays are gone and i really hope that you spent it in the best way possible ^-^ Living alone far from home i spent it with my family and also got some presents that i would like to share with you <3

First of all this make up purse :3 perfect for carry with you what you need to retouch your make up *.*

i also got this "lucky necklace" from my father awwwww he is so sweet *.* 

 some skincare product :3 always a good present *w*

and my favourite *.* from my lovely sis  <3
this ADORABLE panda t-shirt *.*

That's all XD I also got some money  eh eh eh but i will tell you more about it in my next haul post :3

BUT here we are ... as you all know i would like to give a present to each one of you but i'm not rich enought XD So i'm going to announce the first christmas giveaway winner !!! After annouced it i will verify if all the mandatory step have been "done " otherwhise i will announce a second winner 

and the winner issssssss.....*drum roll * .... KAREN NG !!! CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWED ME !!!!! 

That's all for today but don't forget that there's still an ongoing giveaway and i'm already working to the "next one " XD wish to all of you a merry christmas and happy new year full of love and joy <3

and you ? what have you got from Santa this year ? i would really love to know it ^-^