martedì 6 agosto 2013

Messy hair ?!? problem solved !

summer,holidays,beach ...wonderful right? But after all of this fun sometimes i feel really too tired for straightener my hair ( and it's also not good do it so often if you don't want damnage it ),so what to do ? Just go out looking crazy ? I don't think so! 
Even if i have no time or strength i always like to appear cute and sweet! That's why i want to show you three easy ways to looks kawai even with messy hair .
 All you need is pretty and sweet hair clips or in my case hairbands and cute hat ^.^ In summer i really love to wear hats also for protect my skin from sun!
 I hope you will like my messy-cute-style .

first tips : Bow hairband...if you want be sweet and appear like a doll a bow it's a "must have"!

second tips :i call it "Bunny ribbon" and i just LOVE IT !you can change it as you please so it will look as bow or as bunny ears accordingly to your will :3

third tips : cute hats ... sweet, stylish and (most important) good for skin...simply perfect for summer time >.< how cute my cat hat ?!? <3 it

 Never forget to be kawai <3

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