venerdì 21 marzo 2014

ops ! i did it again ...haul time

Hi lovelies(。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤ i ve been away for soooo long that seems like a lifetime XD Btw in the meanwhile i did a lot of shopping XD so instead of just doing random review i would like to show it to you first , so if you need any particular review or if you are just curious about one product above another i will review that first ^-^
Changin the topic for a minute i just realised that shopping on internet it's the best for me ...till few years ago i would never imagine that one day the 90 % of my shopping would be on internet because in past i was a lot like " oh my god what if it doesn't suits me " and a lot of others complex like that so if you are like i was back than i will just tell you "go on and give it a try i'm pretty sure that you will be positively surprised " ;-) As always i did shopping from korea, china , japan even if the italian custom stopped two of my korean orders and now i have to pay 40 euro taxes -.-" but it still worth it for me XD
but let's start ;-)

since when my orders from korea took awhile for arrive this time i also bought some italian mineral cosmetics from NEVE COSMETICS 

 This is one of my fav italian make up brand , why ? because it is :

 no parabens, no silicones, no petroleum derivatives.
 formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and  fragrance free.
 no pore-­clogging ingredients.
 Made in Italy.
 cruelty free: tested on makeup artists, not on animals!

just a pity that they doesn't ship worldwide :-(

I bought few mineral foundation , powder and eyes shadow of course :3 and i have to say that they have really beautiful and long lasting colors :3 not to mention that being minerals if you have a pink eyes shadow like mine ( or any other color ) and you mix it with a lip balm it will become a beautiful and natural lip gloss :3

But as you all well know my passion is for korean products and make up :3 sooo  i could not restrain myself from trying this etude house wonder pore foam  :3 

 and since when i found this face soap  with special price ...of course i had to buy as well XD 

I think that the most important part for a good skin routine it's the night , and since when it came out i wanted to try this set and thanks god i haven't missed the chance to buy it for just 65 euro during the christmas sale  (◕‿◕✿) 

and of course sheet masks are necessary as well U.U but let me tell you one think in advance ... if this panda's dream eye patch does something against my panda dark circle ...well i will buy for sure all the new tony moly line panda dream ...for sure ! XD

I was also curious about the missha perfect cover bb cream, because i kept reading good reviews about this bb so i HAD  to try this BB U.U

and i also have to thanks my sponsor for sending me this lovely Lioele BB 
after watching a korean beauty program i had to buy this contouring set  *.* the effect was so glowy and almost "plastic surgery "... so i'm really looking forward to try it ( just got it this morning XD ) 

and of course i can't live without eye shadows especially if the packaging it's sooooo lovely *.*

i totally felt in love for this etude mini palette (。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤

then i bought some lower lashes and glue... and i have to say that japanese false lashes are just on another level of quality :3 

what else ??? dresses of course XD  well i'm still waiting for 3 korean orders with make up and skin product ...PLEASE HURRY UP *.*

kawai socks time :3  

some rabbit sweatshirts :3

this super sweet t-shirt that i've used for my valentine day outfit 

and this adorable Liz Lisa dress ... yeah i'm in deep love for Liz Lisa (◡‿◡✿)
well that's all for this haul girls and i really hope that you will enjoy it ^-^ let me know if there is some product that you are curious about i will review it right away ;-) or if you just like or don't like something i will really appreciate to know it (。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤

with love Mary-chan 

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  1. Oh wow, you actually got a lot of stuff! I can't wait to read you reviews. :) Customs suck! I have to pay them for all of my Black Milk orders over 50€. :(
    Elina |

    1. hiiii , sorry for answering so late XD i just back blogging with a new review ^-^ any case ... :-( when i wrote that houl post i need to pay 40 euro 60 -.-" look like i'm in the custom's black list now XD

  2. wow I loved the eye shadows and skincare items a lot :)

    1. Hi dear , yeahhhhh i'm loving them too *w* just did a new review :3 I've been lucky this time ^-^

  3. wow what a cute haul! :)


    1. Hi sweety <3 you are so cute thank you !!! have you open your shop online again ? *.*

  4. lots of cute stuffs you got there! I use the Wonder Pore whipping foaming too and love it so far. the foam is really soft <3
    your sweatshirts are adorable! I like the rabbit with a ribbon tie the most.


    1. i m using it in this period but i ve to say that i'm not sooo much impressed by that foam ....btw i 'm totally bunny addicted in this period XD ahahahah

  5. I also buy most of my things online, I just hate going shopping and trying on all these clothes etc. And I love Liz Lisa, too! ;)

    1. YOU CAN UNDERSTAND MEEEEEE *^* yeahhhh it's tiring isn't it ??? and i don't know why , maybe because i ve no boobs i never look good in italian dress as i do with asian one :-( liz lisa ....will make me poor one day i know XD

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