venerdì 19 luglio 2013

Never forget to be Kawai

Hi , nice to meet you all! I would like to introduce myself in the first post of my life ^.^ I'm an italian girl living in Milan so i'm pratically grow up breathing "fashion" .Since when i was in high school i started developing a passion for asia and thank to that i ve been creating my own style between Italiy, korea, Japan and China...yeah i like take the best from everything>.< Usually my friends take inspiration from my outfit and i'm very good in giving tips about it that's how the "blog idea " born in my mind ...I thought that it will be a good opportunities for share my passions ,meet new friends and like always, learn something new . I hope that you will support and follow me :3 and i'll like to end this first post sharing with you my "motto "  : "never forget to be kawai !" this is my way of live and i hope you will like it <3 with love Mary

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