giovedì 25 luglio 2013

black & white bear nails

Hi everybody ,today i'm gonna show you my black & white bear nails. I choose to do it in black & white cause this summer it's been really a "must have" in italy, but if you want you can always do it with any others contrasting colours! I hope you would like it too let's start ;-) 
All you'll need is:
black and white polishes and one...hairpin ahaha yeah you got it right >.< i don't like spend extra money in "special tools" if i can use something more cheap ;-)
1° step :apply base color

2°: apply black&white polishes creating a "chess effect" (i think it's already pretty cool like this >.< ) 

3° step: draw your bear , start doing a semicircle for the face

4° step: now using your hairpin, draw five polka dots of different size for ears ,eyes and nose...

5° last step : apply top coat and ...

You can have a super cute and sweet manicure in just few mins ^.^ 
never forget to be kawai :3 

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