mercoledì 30 aprile 2014

Outfit time : Liz Lisa vine red lovely dress

Hi lovelies
as you all well known ( and also for letting it know to the new followers of my blog ) i' m a fan of a lot of asians style but mostly ulzzang and gyaru *^* yeah i know i should choose one like a politic side XD  but i don't want because i love both this styles soooo much  , not to mention how much i love to mix them >.< 
So today a prepared for you an outfit post,where i' ve combined an ulzzang natural make up with a super cute gyaru dress from one of my fav brand ❤ Liz lisa (and if you are curious about my make up take a look at my previous make up tutorial post ;-) 

I never had anything red because i always thought that the red color doesn't not suits me well... i guess that this is the exception that confirms the rule( even if it's a "vine red "XD) 
I'm totally in love with this dress but i still don't know if i prefer it with or without belt (。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤
let me know what do you think about this outfit and if you prefer it with of without belt it would really make me happy  ^-^

with love Mary-chan ❤

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3 commenti:

  1. Wow you look so beautiful! The dress is so cute and really suits you, thanks for sharing your outfit^^

    ps - I like it best without a belt! (: x

    1. aww you are so sweet <3 thank you!! i'm really not cute at all XD or at least i don't like myself >.< but i'm really happy that you like my outfit ^-^ again thank you so much <3
      kisses Mary chan

  2. I think the dress suits you ^^ and the pictures look absolutely stunning <3