giovedì 17 aprile 2014

My fav palette since ever...Dear my blooming eyes- Etude house

Hi girls , today i would like to review one of the items from my last haul post my new etude house palette .
Since when i had this palette i have been wondering " how could i have live before without "  and i'm not exagerating!!!
But let's watch  the details
This palette may seems little at the first sign but it's comes with SEVEN possibilities of combination as you can see in the picture below , which makes this palette really versatile accordingly to differnt tastes or needs.

The seven combination are mostly composed by  shimmering but some of them also have matte  colors.

The only cons that i can find in this eyes shadows palette ( or at least in the one that i ve ) is that the colors ,especially the light one, are not really pigmented so i suggest it for those who want achieve a natural , ulzzang look but since when i usually use a daily natural make up for me it's not really a cons ...actually it's better for when i'm in rush and i' ve to put make up on really fast ...since when the colors are not so pigmentated i can't  easily make mistake  XD

Let's see now the pros :3

First of all the super cute packaging that always makes me fall in love with etude house's products

another important pros is that this palette is "self sufficient ", at least for me ..if you have it , or if you carry it with you you may not need anything elso to create a good eyes make up 

here a fast make up tutoria all for you gals ^-^

apply your eyes base 

spread the color n. 1 onto the whole eylid to six your base and create a more uniform color

draw a thin line along the lash line and draw an underline onto 1/2 of the lower lash line's outer edges for an ulzzang look using the color n.4 

 apply the color n.2 on your socket line to create a more dramatic effect

apply the color n.3 onto the other 1/2 of your underline to complete your ulzzang look 

apply fake lower lashes and mascara ...and DONE ^-^

At the end of the post the final result ;-) 

But at this point you still don't get why this palette it's so special for me right ? 
well ...let's look at the pro that makes this palette unique ....the quantity of each eyes shadow ...color n.1 : 2.3g ; n.2 & 3 : 1.7 g; n.4 : 1.2 g ... have you got it now ??? maybe few of you already noticed it ;-) 

One of the main reason why i ve never liked eyes shadow palettes soooo much was because " the colors have all the same quantity " which is really boring ...because of course i will use more the nude color than the dark one for example ...well the distribution of product in this palette i think it's really AMASING !!! I feel like somebody read in my mind  XD For this reason i usually had to buy in the past the nude color separately but now not anymore (。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤
So "will i repurchase this palette? "  i can say it for sure ...FOREVER (◡‿◡✿) THIS IS TOTALLY A "MUST HAVE " IN MY OPINION 

Have you ever tried this palette before ? let me know what do you think about it i would be glad to read your experiences and which is your fav palette EVER ^-^

with love Mary-chan 

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  1. I don't have a specially favourite palette but as you say the capacity of products is so right on this ^^

  2. Ciao Sn una nuova Ulzzang italiana! Mi piacerebbe conoscere qualcuno ke possa darmi dei consigli o suggerimenti e magari scambiarci idee vi lascio la mia e-mail ( plz contattatemi!:));)

  3. omg mary your eyes <3 I always love your eyes, so pretty! haha and I just nominated you for sunshine blog award!

  4. this is a great tutorial, you've applied your eyelashes perfectly!

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  5. Love your review!
    I acutally revied this same pallet not long ago XD check out mine?
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