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Why i choose to follow an asian diet !

HI everybody ^.^ today i going to talk about the differences between asian and italian diet. It's been two years since when i start to follow an asian diet despite the fact that i'm italian . I'm a fan of asian beauty so i always wanted to be slim like my favourite idols that's how i decided to completely change my diet and start to follow an asian one ( korean, chinese and japanese). So i start learning how to cook chinese and korean and without restrict myself from eating , without doing any strict diet two years ago i lost almost 8 kilograms ( shameful moment of the post >.<).

asian diet also helps you to get a beautiful skin

 Chinese says that a girl will never get married if is more than 50 kg and back than i was almost 55 :-( after few month after starting my asian diet my weight was around 47 *.* i was sooooo happy ! I will never back to eat italian food ! And moreover asian food it's not just delicious but it also super cute:3
This are some of my korean and chinese dishes :3

my kimbap :3

chinese meal with sea soup 

korean spicy pork with spinach side dish

korean spicy chicken and meat and radish soup

korean chicken with vegetables

So today i wanna give you some tips about why asian diet make lose weight without any real "diet".
1° <3  Italy it's the "pasta" country so everybody everyday just eat pasta, bread,pizza etc etc well that's bad !this kind of food just make fat without give any nutrients to your body ! That's why i exchange it with rice
2° <3  Drink green tea or herbal tea everyday, it's rich of antioxidant and make your metabolism faster which it good for burn calories!
i really like this chinese herbal tea when i want lose some weight :3

3° <3  Eat more vegetables ,like korean :3
4° <3 Italian cutlery and dishes are bigger than asian ( think about the difference between how much you can eat with a fork and how much you can eat using chopstick)

5° <3 Eating asian food, which has a lot of side dishes make you loose more time because you have to choose every time what to eat ( and you can also pick more vegetables than meat ) ,and that time it's necessary for make you feel " full" and so eat less !
6° <3 Drink more soup! In asia having a soup during every meal it's really common which is not in italy :-(  soups are really good for our body ,they are full of minerals and also make us feeling full and so eat less .
7° <3 Eat healty outside too ! i usually cannot eat at home because of my lessons, that's why i use a super cute bento box for make an healty lunch at home
ps:make one more for your boyfriend :3 it will be super romantic *w*

simply...kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *w*

Here below a video that i made >.< please subscribe my channel <3
 What do you think about it ? let me know in the comment box below

Never forget to be kawaii <3

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  1. I already watched your video and I can confirm you said interesting things ~
    I really appreciate your resolution, I would not be able to do a similar diet !!! I literally love carbohydrates and Italian food , I can't give it up hahaha (;^◇^;)
    Eating healthy is important , but I think the most important thing is to make physical activities !
    Obviously I will subscribe your YouTube channel ღ
    Bacini *^-^*
    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

    1. i love you and your sincerity ^.^ i really appreciate sincerity the most :3 Yeah ...i was like you till few years ago but just because back then i didn't know the "real " asian food ..after tried it i completely fallen in love with it and italian food at the opposite looks so boring ( maybe also because i eat it for a lot of time >.< ) btw i think that it's also normal that everybody has different taste ^.^
      You are completely right about physical activites but unfortunately between university , blog, passion for cooking ...well .. i haven't had time for it lately >.< but at least having no car in milan i walk a lot ^.^ this year maybe i will take dance lessons :3 thank you for subscribing <3 baciniiii

    2. Thank you for your kind words my dear , you are so sweet ♥
      You are welcome !!!
      I am looking forward to your next post ~

  2. Risposte
    1. it is *.* cooking it's one of my passions :3 and with korean and chinese recipes i can really have a lot of fun >.< try it sometimes *.* i don't know where you live but in italy korean restaurants are really expensive i just learn how to cook it ^.^

  3. Really lovely post, and very helpful!! :D

    1. thank you :3 yeah for me it was i hope it will be for you too ^.^ xoxo

    2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I am already a follower of your lovely blog :D

  4. I love reading the post (: very interesting (:

  5. Ciao! E' molto bello il tuo blog, complimenti!! Volevo chiederti una cosa... La colazione!! Come la fai?? Vorrei anch'io cambiare un pò dieta ma per seguire i gusti dei miei genitori mi è praticamente impossibile... Volevo chiederti se hai trovato qualche idea anche per il mattino, ad esempio come mixare usanze occidentali e orientali per avere qualcosa di più salutare del solito latte/caffè/biscotti/cereali ecc...Perchè di dolci ne mangio già abbastanza mi piacerebbe iniziare a eliminare qualcosa...Grazie mille!! Bacio <3

    1. grazie mille <3 mmmm allora la nostra idea di colazione e la loro è talmente diversa da essere davvero poco "mixabile " >.< per loro la colazione è un vero e proprio pasto ...i cinesi diciamo che mangiano cose tipo dei panini ripieni di carne oppure di verdura oppure tofu con soia ,uova ma fondamentalmente si mangia zuppa di riso ( una specie di porridge) mentre i coreani mangiano riso in bianco cotto al vapore anche al mattino. Per farla breve "si mangia salato ", adesso a me il mangiare salato per colazione non disgusta più di tanto ( prima di un esame solitamente faccio solazione a base di uova per es ) ma continuo in ogni caso a preferire la colazione dolce a quella salata cmq proprio dovessi pensare a un mix ..ti consiglierei in primis di sostituire il latte col tè già quello farà la differenza , soprattutto se lo bevi senza zucchero ,magari con un pò di miele .Non so se ti sono stata utile , la colazione è l'unico pasto che faccio" all'italiana ":3 Ma non farti problemi, per colazione puoi mangiare quello che vuoi ,perchè a fine giornata puoi star certa di aver smaltito tutto ^.^ se proprio vuoi eliminare qualcosa fallo dopo le 5 del pomeriggio ,quanto meno mangi dopo quell'ora meglio è , infatti di solito gli asiatici cenano verso le 18.30 del pomeriggio ;-)bacini <3 grazie a te

    2. Grazie mille!! Se posso volevo chiederti anche un'altra cosa... Mi piacerebbe provare qualche prodotto della Etude House, ho trovato qualcosa su amazon... Come ti trovi con questa marca? Da dove ordini? Ci sono problemi con le dogane? Non ho mai ordinato qualcosa fuori Europa diciamo...Grazieeeeeeee Baciooooo

  6. i love your blog :3
    i think i will go on diet because i am almost 52 kg :<

    1. it can be not bad ...depends from your height...i'm not so tall so to be skinny as i like i ve to be 47 :-p...chinese say : "a girl that is more than 50 kg will never get married ":-( after ear that i became scared to reach 50 kg lol >.< i'm glad that you like it :3 thank you <3 i will follow you back ^.^

  7. I never thought that eating a different diet would make such a big difference! I think I really need to stop eating so much Austrian food and switch to an asian diet too: :) Thank you for sharing <3

    1. I forgot! : Are there any websites or cookbooks you could recommend that taught you how to create those dishes? :3 I'd love to know! <3

    2. yeah i never thought that as well before try it ...but it really works and i haven't feel like "ohhh i'm doing diet " or something like this i still eat a lot and with pleasure because i actually prefer asian to italian food :3 yeah of course if you are interested text me in private i will give you some web site ^.^ the book...i just buy some "how to cook asian " or book like that ,i think you can find them everywhere ;-) <3