lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Sharing secrets about false lashes

Hi gals i haven't post for soooo long i' m so sorry & miss you all
(。╹ω╹。) 〜 ❤ ❤
Since when i already lost a lot of time let's go streight to the daily topic "How to use false lashes making them look real"
 In Italy false lashes are almost not used at all , maybe just during halloween or special date like that ,that's because the most part of girls thought that false lashes have to appear FAKE well it's not always true !!!

I'm the first that usually use false lashes in a "Natural way " but let's start having a general look at all the kinds of false lashes 

1)False lashes with black eyeliner & false lashes with trasparent eyeliner

The first one will give a "black eyeliner effect " when you apply it ,so if you are at your first time or if you simply don't want wear any eyeliner i suggest you to use the trasparent one for a more natural and "nude " effect :3

2)Strip false lashes & individual false lashes 

The strip lashes are the more popular type of falsies, because they’re quicker to apply ( i would never have the patience for apply the individual lashes LoL) .  They are a full eye’s worth of lashes attached to one another, making them easy to just glue on and go. 
Individual lash is a small clump of several lashes stuck together, meant to be applied one by one to the lash line, i never used it cause i'm already always running out of time with the sprip one XD

3)Good quality & bad quality false lashes

How distinguish them? Fold your strip for make it adhere at your eye line and you will easily notice that good one will stay folded instead of the low quality one that will back in the original line.

There are a lot of wrong informations about how to use false lashes on internet ,blog tutorials etc and another reason why i decided to write this post it's for reveal them !

 False lashes are not disposable !! After you clean them you can use it over and over again, the best you clean and keep it longer they will last

 Another think that i don't understand but that i read in a lot of blog,tutorial etc is...HOW TO REMOVE FALSE EYELASHES...RIP OFF ?!? NO WAYYYYY!!!
Using a good makeup remover is the secret.  You don’t always have to rip on the eyelid that can be unpleasant and painful for some people when they go to take their lashes off.  I always use coconut or olive oil, because it works the best and is very gentle.  Apply a bit to a cotton ball, and apply the oil to your eyelids.  Allow it to sit for a few seconds, and then remove your lashes.  The oil will loosen the glue and the mascara, so that the falsies don’t stick to your real lashes either and moreover your false lashes will be already half clean ;-) eh eh eh you will save a lot of time :3.

 false lashes will be obliviously "fake " ...FALSE ! 
as you can see the upper one are more "fake ",going down there are more natural effect lashes

 There are a lot of types of false eyelashes, natural one, full one, crossed if you look for a natural look you just need to find a natural looking false lashes! and also ,you don't have to use the whole strip but you can adjust it with your eyes size leaving a little of space from the inner corner of your eye or if you are looking for a super natura look and also easy application you can just CUT YOUR STRIP IN TWO OR MORE PARTIES!!! 

seems a smile XD lol

 Do not apply mascara before applied the false lashes !!! why ? the fist step of mascara will stick your lashes together and this will make more difficult to stick your real lashes with the fake one for a more natural look , and also applingg mascara will make the application more difficout because curling your real lashes block partially the view of your eyes line !!! so i suggest to apply mascara after the false lashes and then stick them together with mascara ;-) 

Thank you so much for reading and following me , what fo you think about false lashes ? let me know in the comment box below ❤ 

are they fake or real ?  XD

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    Hai ragione il metodo del piega ciglia non è sicuramente il migliore, anche se fin'ora non mi ha mai dato nessun tipo di problema, per fortuna ;)
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  7. That was a very helpful post!! I never bothered with fake eyelashes in the past because they seem too much work but I'm so curious!! One day I will get myself some ^^